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Pool tile cleaning

Pool tile cleaning is a significant part of keeping your pool or spa looking great. Tile can become grungy and old-looking from a number of things. The most notorious is old water. Lime deposits can give algae a place to set up home.

No matter how it happens, once the buildup occurs, it is a tough and tedious process to remove manually. We keep all types of spillways, Waterfalls sheer descents, waterline, brick, stone, travertine, or glass tile looking great. Call us at 949-874-7145 for a free quote. We use 2 different types of blast media including mineral and glass bead to accomplish this. Our technician determines the type of tile and deposits that need to be cleaned to choose the most efficient way to clean your tile.

How Does Glass and Mineral Bead Blasting Work to Clean Tile?

Glass beads or Minerals (epsom salts)are delivered via pressure to specific areas on the tile, and this gentler approach removes deposits leaving it clean and scale-free. Glass beads are easy to clean up afterward and do not affect the condition or quality of the water.

Mineral beads are usually made from Kieserite, a salt mineral that is comparable to Epsom salt, and sprayed at low pressure on the tile. The salt bead pops when it hits the deposits on the tile and removes them. This method is pH neutral for your water and is biodegradable.

How much does it cost?

Standard price per linear foot is approximately $5 for standard tile. We are happy to come out and talk to you poolside for a quote or simply give you a price over the phone. We service the entire Orange County area. If you are a Pool contractor or sub- contractor, talk to us about our industry rates.

There is no one-size-fits-all plan for maintaining the tile for your spa or pool. Contact us at 949-874-7145, and one of our experienced team members can give you a free, individualized quote.

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