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Pool Tile Cleaning & Spillway in San Juan Capistrano

Pool Tile Cleaning & Spillway in San Juan Capistrano

Does your home need professional pool tile cleaning in San Juan Capistrano? The pros at ClearWater are here to keep your swimming clean, fun, and safe, with eco-friendly practices that keep your tiles sparkling without affecting the chemicals in your pool or damaging the glaze on your tiles. We offer a wide variety of services for pools of all kinds, and we endeavor to bring you what you need to optimize your swimming experience with your friends and family.

pool tile cleaning in San Juan Capistrano
Pool Tile Cleaning in San
Juan Capistrano

We use two types of gentle but effective blast media to clean your pool: glass beads and mineral beads. Glass beads are durable and easy to pick up from the bottom of the pool with a skimmer or net, while mineral beads, made from salt-like Kieserite, are biodegradable and can safely dissolve in your pool water after use. Neither affects the chemical balance or pH levels in your pool, which makes both methods safe and eco-friendly for tile cleaning purposes. When you choose us for your tile cleaning, we are thorough, and our practices strive to breathe new life into your pool.

Are you in search of a service that can provide you with the utmost in high-quality and eco-friendly in San Juan pool tile cleaning? Clearwater pool and Spa Service has the solution for you. Our regular pool servicing features tile cleaning, deep clean, and environmentally friendly materials that keep your pool safe and clean without affecting pH levels or chemical balances in your pool water.

Pool tile cleaning in San Juan Capistrano

Moreover, to get an effective deep clean while still keeping it gentle, we use two main types of blast media that deep-clean pool tile effectively. These mediums include:

Glass beads

Our eco-friendly glass beads are safe, hygienic, and pH-neutral. After use, they fall to the bottom, and after cleaning, we pick up the beads out of your pool. After we clean your tile with these beads, it’ll be like the dirt and buildup on your tiles never even happened.

Mineral beads

Our mineral beads are made from Kieserite, a salt-like mineral that dissolves in your pool water after being used to clean tile. This safe and eco-friendly solution does not affect or interact with chemicals in your pool, making it a highly reliable and effective solution for gentle yet effective tile cleaning that leaves your pool looking as fresh as the day it was first filled up.

If you need San Juan pool tile cleaning fast, Clearwater can do more than skim a little debris off the surface. For more information about our services, or to schedule an estimate for your unique pool needs, call our team today at (949) 874-7145.

There are even more benefits to hiring a professional team to clean your pool and its tiles: it saves you time, resources, and stress. You can relax and spend more time with your family while our experts work to leave your pool looking good as new every time. You can always expect high-quality work, whether you need your pool cleaned weekly or want accessories installed to upgrade your swimming experience.

When you are ready for high-quality pool and spillway tile cleaning in San Juan Capistrano from experts who genuinely care about keeping your swimming experience as enjoyable as possible, ClearWater stands prepared to answer your call. For more information on our swimming pool services or to get an estimate for your pools, call our friendly team today at (949) 874-7145.