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Pool Service


Pool service encompasses a lot more than just skimming the top of your pool and removing leaves and debris. Our goal is to help you keep your pool running at optimum levels so you have a healthy and fun place for the whole family to enjoy and it starts with regularly scheduled maintenance to your pool, equipment and water quality.

When you contact our local Laguna Niguel pool service center at 949-874-7145 we can take information from you over the phone and give you a ballpark estimate. Or we are happy to schedule a time that is convenient for you to come out and give you a detailed estimate based on the needs of your pool.

Swimming pool service

No two pool setups are alike and we take our standard step by step pool service and make it individualized to fit your pool and equipment needs to keep them running at peak performance.

Our Regular service includes the following weekly tasks:

Tiles- Clean tiles not only look good, but they also inhibit the growth of algae. We thoroughly scrub the tiles above the water level.

Surface Skimming- removes debris floating on the surface of the pool.

Vacuum-The bottom of the pool is thoroughly vacuumed to eliminate leaves, insects and other debris that is on the floor.

Walls and/or steps-We scrub the walls and steps to ensure they are completely free of dirt and any unsightly buildup.

Chemicals- We check the water to ensure the chemicals used in the pool are at optimum levels for health and safety. We are experts at keeping your pool water perfectly balanced.

Pump maintenance-We check both your skimmer and pump baskets to ensure they clean and debris-free.

Leaks are often small problems before they become large ones, we inspect your pool weekly to catch leaks when they start so they can be repaired and mitigate damage.


We can also help you if you need to add or upgrade equipment. We can install any type of equipment you need, and we back our work with a guarantee. When you choose us to do your pool maintenance, we get to know your pool, equipment and make changes to meet the unique needs of your pool setup and equipment.

Excellent pool service is more than just skimming debris off the top of your pool. When you have quality maintenance regularly, it’s challenging to go back to doing everything yourself. Not only do you get clean and perfectly-balanced pool water, but you get a sparkling swimming area that requires minimal maintenance on your part so that you can enjoy going for a swim whenever you like.

ClearWater technicians offer a wide variety of services to keep your pool in great shape, including:


  • Skimming debris from the surface of your pool as well as vacuuming the bottom
  • Thoroughly cleaning pump and skimmer baskets
  • Managing the chemical balance of your pool and adjusting pH levels
  • Scrubbing above-water tiles as well as walls and steps below water level
  • And more

Technicians can install upgrades and other components for your swimming pool at your leisure.

How do you benefit from a well-maintained pool?


  • Save time. When you no longer have to maintain a pool on your own, and you can leave it to professionals, you can spend more time enjoying your swimming pool with your family, friends, and other loved ones.
  • Save money. Regular preventive maintenance is key to mitigating potential disasters that can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair.
  • Swim stress-free. Leaving the safety of your pool in the hands of experienced pros means that you can spend more time swimming and less time worrying about whether your pool is clean and chemically balanced.

Outsourcing the task of your keeping up your pool frees you up to do other things than skim your pool, check the water and keep algae at bay. We can do all of that for you and it starts with a phone call to 949-874-7145 We can give you a free, no-obligation

Quote for weekly maintenance or work with you to develop a more individualized cleaning scheduled based on how often and the number of people using your pool. Call us today and start enjoying your pool even more in beautiful Laguna Niguel California.

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