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Laguna Niguel Pool Tile Cleaning at Unbeatable Prices

Laguna Niguel Pool Tile Cleaning at Unbeatable Prices


Are you looking for a company that can provide you with Laguna Niguel pool tile cleaning that is unbeatable in its quality? Clearwater offers exemplary pool service at fair and honest prices. Whether you’re looking for weekly service or a team that can safely deep-clean your pool, we have the experience and materials needed so you can always enjoy your pool.

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Generally speaking, deep-pool tile cleaning is done with gentle and eco-friendly blast media. We use glass beads or Kieserite (a salt-like mineral). Our materials can safely get build-up off of your pool tiles to keep them looking good as new without damaging glaze or other aspects of the tile.

There are two main methods of pool tile cleaning used today: they can be wiped down above water levels during a regular weekly surface, or a gentle blast medium can be used to take off layers of dirt and build up from exposure to water or the elements.

Two of the main blast media we use include:

Glass Beads
Glass beads are a fantastic medium for handling tough buildup on pool tiles and spillways. Not only are these beads effective at what they do, but they do not damage your pool in any way. When these beads have done their job, they can simply be picked up from the bottom of your pool. This medium is also incredibly useful because it does nothing to change the chemical composition of your pool or affect pH levels, leaving your swimming pool safe and clean without harmful chemicals.

Mineral Beads
Mineral beads are a very eco-friendly option for your pool or spillway tile cleaning. Instead of using beads that fall to the bottom of your pool, a salt-like mineral called Kieserite is used. After this mineral is used as an abrasive on the buildup on your tiles, it can dissolve in your pool without affecting pH levels or leaving chemicals out of balance. If you want a biodegradable way to clean your pool, this is an excellent way to do it.

Why use a professional service to clean your pool tiles? You get a variety of benefits:

  • Save time and money

It can be time-consuming and potentially costly to deep-clean pool tiles yourself, especially if you accidentally damage tiles or compromise the chemical balance of your pool with the solutions that you use.

  • Stay clean with eco-friendly materials

We use safe and effective blast media that is proven to work for keeping your pool safe to use. Glass beads and Kieserite are pH-neutral and designed not to compromise or affect the chemical makeup of your pool.

  • Rest easy with expert cleaning solutions

When you choose a dedicated team to clean your pool, you get experienced technicians that know the ins-and-outs of many pool setups. We can give you tailored service based on your unique swimming pool needs.

When you’re ready to take your swimming pool cleanliness to the next level, then you can count on Laguna Niguel pool tile cleaning. Clearwater pool and Spa Service is prepared to step in and save the day. For more information about our pool cleaning services, or to get an estimate for your swimming pool, give our team a call today at (949) 874-7145.