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Dana Point Pool Tile Cleaning Near Me

Dana Point Pool Tile Cleaning Near Me

Most property owners consider their pool an investment in the overall value of their homes. When you are researching dana point pool tile cleaning near me, you will find you have several options to choose from ClearWater for refreshing and cleaning your pool tiles.

There are two main types of pool tile cleaning media: glass beads and mineral beads. Although the process is called “blast media” it is a gentle abrasive. Both types come with the benefits of being:

  • eco-friendly
  • safe
  • cost-effective

Glass Beads
The small glass beads gently abate the tile and remove layers of dirt, algae, and other substances that dull the finish. After use, the beads fall to the bottom of the pool where they are gathered for reuse.

Mineral Beads

These beads are made from Keiserite, a salt-based mineral that will not affect the pH levels in your pool or change the chemical balance in your water. After using to clean the tile, they are allowed to safely dissolve and require no cleanup.

When you need Dana Point Spillway tile cleaning near me, contact ClearWater, (949) 874-7145. Their knowledgable, experienced staff can assist you with choosing the best type of service for your pool tiles.