Swimming Pool Service

Dana Point Pool Service That Emphasizes Quality

Dana Point Pool Service That Emphasizes Quality


Have you been researching your options for a reliable company that can provide you with Dana Point pool service? Clearwater pool and Spa Service is ready to step in and save the day. Our technicians offer regular service at unbeatable rates, and we do much more than skim debris off the top. 

dana point pool service

We offer a broad plethora of swimming pool maintenance services, including: 

    • Scrubbing tiles above water level
    • Thorough cleaning of pool walls and steps
    • Vacuuming the bottom of your pool to get rid of debris and insects
    • Surface skimming for a clean pool top
    • Extensive cleaning of tiles and spillways
    • Pump and skimmer basket cleaning and maintenance
    • Chemical balance checks and adjustments
    • Swimming pool upgrade installation, service, and repair
    • And more

Why choose us for swimming pool service?

We do it all to ensure that you can spend time swimming in your pool instead of maintaining it. Why spend hours cleaning and checking on your chemical balance when our pros can do it for you? This way, you can enjoy quality time with your family are pursuing your favorite hobbies and activities. Let our team handle it so you can safely enjoy swimming without the headaches that come with maintaining a pool yourself.

We also do a variety of other services, including installation of any pool accessories you might want to add to your swimming repertoire. If you need deep cleaning of tiles or spillways, we can take care of that as well with our gentle, eco-friendly blast media.

dana point spillways

Do you want to improve your swimming experience with Dana Point pool service from a company that has extensive experience in the field? ClearWater is more than happy to assist you. For more information about our pool maintenance and cleaning services, or to get an estimate for your unique swimming pool needs, call our team today at (949) 874-7145.