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Clearwater, like many small businesses in this country is pretty much owner operated. This means the owner is the service man at your pool. I take great pride in my work, ensuring my clients can enjoy both the beauty and functionality of their pool and spa.

Back in 1993 when Clearwater started, it was basically one customer at a time until after a lot of hard work, a bit of advertising, networking, and referrals from satisfied clients my company has grown to what it is today.

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Tony Losi (Mission Viejo)

We do a lot of entertaining in our backyard. I am always pleased and confident that the pool will look great. Joey from Clear Water pool service takes care of everything. Thanks for making my pool the envy of the neighborhood.

Pool Service

Kevin Brady (Laguna Niguel)

I was pleased when Joey asked if I would mind giving him a recommendation. I had to stop and think for a minute – not because I did not want to recommend him, rather I had to think about when was the last time I ever even gave my pool maintenance any thought. Joey does such a great job that it is never a concern or worry. Even after bad winds or other weather problems, he is there cleaning up the pool before I have a chance to give him a call. Clear Water pool service is awesome and I recommend them without reservation.

Pool Service

Bob Hyman (Ladera Ranch)

My pool equipment made a loud noise and just stopped working. I was dreading calling a pool equipment repair guy. Fortunately, a friend of mine from work recommended Clear Water. He said I could trust Joey and he was right. I am on a tight budget and did not want to have to replace all of the pool equipment. Joey diagnosed the problem, gave me an accurate estimate and got the problem fixed. I am happy to report there are still honest service people in the world. Thanks Joey.

Pool Equipment

Tom Duffy (Laguna Niguel)

Confession, I have become an energy conservation fanatic. I drive and electric car, I have solar panels on my roof and a drought resistant (low water consumption) landscaping. When I asked Joey from Clear Water if there is anything I can do to make my pool equipment more energy efficient (mind you it is 15 years old) he gave me some great options. The new system is great, energy efficient and I can sleep knowing that once again I am doing my part to save the planet.

Pool Equipment

Gene Preuss (Mission Viejo)

There are several families in my local church congregation that have swimming pools. We have formed a little group and have rotating pool parties for the kids (summer swim) and another one for the moms when the kids are in school. I was happy to participate and invite friends to my home. That is, I was happy until I visited other homes and pools and realized that my tile was looking very dull and grundgy. I quickly called Clear Water and Joey came to the rescue. I was scheduled to host the party in just a few weeks. Joey understood my concerns and arranged to come restore my tiles before the first party. The tiles now look like new and I am a happy host.

Tile Cleaning

Pam Kenny (Laguna Hills)

My husband is our handyman. He takes pride in the work he does and I am grateful for his efforts. He sort of maintains the chemicals in the pool – sort of 😊. My pool tiles have become very cloudy and frankly it is hard to see the original colors and pattern. I called Joey from Clear Water and he not only restored the beauty and luster of my tiles – he now provides our pool service.

Tile Cleaning